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Menu Pricing, Service Charges and Taxes:

  • Menu costs are subject to change based on availability and current market prices
  • All catering bills will have the following added to the final bill
  • 13% HST will be added to all food and beverage purchases

Deposit Schedule:

  • A 50% initial deposit of the full invoice/estimate is required at the time booking your event. A further 25% is required 30 days prior to the event, and the balance is due 3 business days before the function date during 9am-5pm business hours
  • A final invoice reflecting exact hours worked will be rendered within one week of your event date. Any balance on the account (debit or credit) is to be paid within 10 business days. Balances of $25 or less, in favour of the client or Beveragino, will be deemed zero. All payments made to date are non-refundable
  • Payments made on events that are subsequently cancelled by the client or where the guest numbers are decreased by more than 20% are non-refundable

Payment Terms:

  • The following forms of payment are accepted by Beveragino: debit, Visa, Mastercard, cash or money order. Cash, cheque and debt payments must be accompanied by a credit card number which will be kept on file
  • In the event that any payments should fail to be made, work and services will be stopped until payment is received

Guest Numbers:

  • Final guest count is due 3 business days before the event datewith a 12 noon cut off time. We will do our very best to accommodate late add ons which will be charged accordingly, however if guest numbers decrease, you will be charged for the number you  provided at the time you booked your catering event


  • The client/host of the event assumes responsibility for any damages to the event property and buildings
  • The client/host agrees to indemnify Beveragino from any and all liabilities, fines, suits, claims, demands, costs and actions arising out of any damage to property or injury to persons or any nature or kind whatsoever

Liquor Service: 

  • Beveragino does not provide bartending service and will not be responsible or liable for any guest consuming alcohol beverages at the event.

Allergies and Dietary Concerns:

  • Beveragino is not responsible should a guest with an allergy or dietary restrictions consume our food. It is the responsibly of the client to inform their guests that the food may contain nuts/peanuts, fish/shellfish, dairy, gluten etc and the guests responsibility to ensure they are aware of what they are being served


We look forward to the opportunity of working with you, and thank you for choosing Beveragino. Please note that the booking cannot be confirmed without a credit card on file as outlined above unless approved by Nico.